With years of training and experience, Julian Batey offers the following services:

Repairs & restorations Repairs to all instruments of the violin family, from the professional set-up of beginners’ instruments to full restoration. It is important that all instruments are well set up, but particularly so for beginners; the fact that all the fittings are present on an instrument does not mean that they are correctly fitted. Many new Chinese instruments, especially those purchased online, are unplayable in their supplied state.

Advice and estimates Free advice & estimates on necessary repairs, and also on the cost-effectiveness of any repairs required.

Instrument service or bow service Free annual service of instruments, checking for loose seams, condition of bridge, soundpost, strings, fingerboard & topnut wear, and any other potential problems. A free service is also carried out for bows, checking the condition of the hair, lapping, thumb-grip, screw & eye, and condition & straightness of the stick.

Bow rehairs Using the finest Mongolian white hair, including the replacement of leather thumb grips, silver wire or imitation whalebone lapping, screw & eyes, and bone/ebony bow faces. Most rehairs are completed within 24 hours; a two-hour ‘while you wait’ rehair service is available by prior appointment.

Insurance As a retail partner for Allianz Musical Insurance, we undertake valuations for insurance. In the event of a claim, we can assist with the claim process by providing reports & photographs of damage, and estimates for repair costs & any depreciation in value due to damage.

Valuations & appraisals