Julian Batey offers both new and used instruments and also a range of quality accessories.

Violins, violas & cellos New & second-hand instruments from beginners’ outfits in all sizes, to advanced student grade instruments. Large stock of antique instruments, most of which have been completely refitted & set up.​​ Please contact me for details of current stock.

Bows We supply bows for violin, viola & cello.

Strings, cases & accessories We hold a comprehensive range of strings, cases & accessories. A postal service is available for strings & accessories.

Our guarantee  To ensure satisfaction, instruments & bows may be taken on approval for seven days. All secondhand instruments have been fully re-fitted with new pegs, bridge, sound post, a Wittner tailpiece and good quality synthetic strings (Tonica, Dominant, etc.). Any other necessary repairs will also have been carried out.